Afghan Peace Process And The Uncertain Future Of Afghanistan


  • Dilawar Khan
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Ibrahim Shah Bukhari


Afghan Taliban, Uncertainty, Peace Process, Poverty, Power, American Role, Pakistan peace driver, Challenges


The present war in Afghanistan is known as the most deadliest war in the region and it is predicated that still there is no solution seems of the conflict which is very dangerous for Afghanistan as well as for the entire region. The main aim of this article is to forecast the uncertain future of Afghanistan, the peace process, challenges, Taliban and American role in the war on terror with regard the future of Afghanistan. In addition the attempts which were made by the different external and internal players whose efforts have not yet provided a fruitful and positive solution for the innocent people of Afghanistan. Whereas the present conflicts focus on the origin, adjoining, dimensions and challenges of the current conflict in Kabul. The people of the war weary country looking for those who have
settle down the issues of weak governance, rampant corruption, security issues, Talibanization, foreigners interference, neighbors, western vested interests and to find out the solution of the presence challenges, peace process and future strategies towards peace
and prosperity to the country, however skeptic say that peace has never been closer in Afghanistan since the talks amongst the Taliban and US began.




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