Impacts Of Perceived-Value And Key Features Of Distance Education On Marketing-Students' Overall-Satisfaction


  • Osama Ahmed Abdelkader


Teaching and learning, distance education, marketing, perceived value, satisfaction


There are a set of lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 crisis, and one of them is to always recognize the importance and necessity of distance educationDE, on the long run not just during crises. The Previous studies since the outbreak of this crisis focused on the
damages and negative aspects of that epidemic, so a significant research gap has emerged represented in the need to explore the positive aspects of this crisis. Therefore, this paper aims to measure the impact of perceived valuePV ofDE on marketing-students' satisfaction, according to gender and education level. The current study used an online survey built on Google Form;and data were collected electronically from 2348 participants.The research instrument based on two major components; published items previously and suggested. The collected data were analyzed on SPSS, and the multiple regression model was used in this study to explore the key factors impacting on marketing-students’ overall-satisfaction OS with DE. The paper provides a set of results and recommendations that support academics and practitioners in teaching and learning marketing courses, at distance. Moreover, the study provides contributions that may help in better understanding of key factors affecting the OS of stakeholders with DE. The article proposes variety future ideas of research to explore other lessons learned from this crisis, and the additional advantages of this educational manner on other disciplines.




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