A Modern Feminist Critique of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook (2010)


  • Eram Jameel
  • Muhammad Ramzan
  • Shah Faisalullah


Modernism, The Golden Notebook, women conflicts, family, and patriarchy


“The women who decide to become housewives and stay at home, this is the actual death of women, and slow poison for their creativity and soul” (Friedan, 2019: 6). In view of the said issue, this paper unfolds women conflicts, in particular, in family life in Doris Lessing (2010) novel, The Golden Notebook from a Modern Feminist perspective that stresses on the women's liberation from the fetters of family that are used to deprive them of using their talent. The paper unveils the situations where the women are coerced when they surge out for their civil liberties. The qualitative study investigates The Golden Notebook (2010) from the Modern Feminist perspective. The study found out that they came across diverse family conflicts when they tried to challenge the patriarchal norms and how their souls and resourcefulness are crumpled at home and outside the home, in particular, those who are married.
This study also traced the signs of discrimination of male member with a female at sexual and emotional levels.. The study reveals women’s political, sexual and family conflicts. It also found out the multiple sexual relationships did not let woman’s personality flourish. The paper also examined that women could not being free in a family structure.




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