Research Title: The Controversial Relationship between Identity and Language


  • Dr. Thaer Yousef Oudeh


identity, culture, Arabic language, linguistic awareness, education


The study aims at analyzing the identity question, which is considered one of the complex questions. The  fact that the elements on which identity is based are often subject to a number of changes and pressures affected by multiple temporal and spatial factors. Language is one of the basic pillars of identity, and plays an important role in the formation and self-awareness. The study problem captures the language factor of the Arab individual's awareness of himself/herself because language is the tool of thinking and perception of the world around us, and here lies the statement of the problem that is reflected and will be reflected, necessarily, on the whole society. This study will attempt to identify this crisis, examine its causes, implications and consequences, and will attempt to provide answers to questions related to the crisis of awareness, identity and language, and show how linguistic selfawareness could be a previous, necessary and important stage for the advancement of societies. It adopts the analytical descriptive approach that is based on both induction and deduction. It seeks to describe the phenomenon - the subject of the study, and then aims to analyze and interpret by stating its effects and results by extrapolating the results of some practical practices in the relationship between language and identity. The findings and recommendations suggest that the sense of identity leads to the success of the group, and through that to individual improvement, and to the same extent the sense of failure is a cause for denial of identity or one of its factors,
particularly if society holds one of the factors of identity responsible for its failure.




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