Learning Improvement of Elementary Students with Lighting Educational Environment


  • Marzieh Azad Armaki
  • Nosrat Farhadnia


Learning Productivity, Elementary Student, Educational Environment, Application of Dayligh


Learning is a multifaceted process that several factors contribute to achieving the desired goals including the teacher, the student and the physical-spatial characteristics. One of the influential factors in modern education is the principled and efficient design of the body of architecture and construction of the educational space. In addition to having a spiritual and metaphysical quality, light is one of the most important factors affecting the body, mind and eyes of students. In order to achieve education, an efficient school, has valuable educational environments in terms of visual qualities, and these visual qualities are possible through proper design, including lighting, transparency, attention to the user's wishes and needs. The aim of this article is to investigate the amount and manner of lighting educational spaces and its effect on learning from the perspective of elementary school students from five dimensions: psychological, learning, architectural body, motor behavior and environmental comfort. Research method, documentary and library method and survey with a sampling volume of 212 items, researcher-made questionnaire and causal relationship modeling by path analysis, direct and indirect effects of physical variables are examined in the educational space from the students' perspectives. The statistical population of this study includes students of elementary schools for girls and boys in the first and second years of Noorabad Delfan city, which was randomly and non-purposefully selected from 10 classrooms to prepare a questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire were calculated after the preparation stage, its validity and reliability and the results were calculated using Spss22 statistical analysis software as α = 0.877. The research findings indicate that by receiving appropriate daylight, the physical,
psychological and visual effects of the primary school users under study, the adverse effects of learning have been reduced. As a result, with the help of daylight, the learning productivity of these students has been significantly improved.




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