Mass Communication As A War Provoking Instrument


  • Vidushi Negi


Mass communication, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Internet, News, Information, propaganda, global polities.


Mass media of the late modern era have a far-reaching impact on society at large via the concept of temenos. The news media have a significant impact on society as a whole because of the news they report, the information they share, the stories they tell, the public opinion they help shape, the discourses they generate, and the propaganda they produce. It is also well known that in the modern day, news coverage has a major impact on the dynamics of social and political life as well as human conflicts on a variety of scales.
Popular culture and public opinion are shaped in part by the media, both real and misleading, notably news media like newspapers, television, and the Internet. The media often, and sometimes purposefully, ignores certain details of a narrative. Electronic or digital media, together with traditional print publications like newspapers and television networks, have come to play a significant part in modern society's knowledge-building efforts. The media's influence may be understood in part by considering its role in bringing modern battles into the living rooms of people all around the globe.




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