Women Empowerment through Technical Education in India


  • Dr.Mary John Sajeev


women empowerment, technical education, employment, women education, skill development


With the population of over 1.36 billion (2019), India is the second most populated country and largest democracy in the world. Technical and higher education for women is still a huge challenge for India to improve the prosperity of the nation and living standards of its people. A higher women illiteracy rate is still affecting the living standards and socio-economic condition of the country. Promoting and encouraging girls’ education can help control child mortality in India. A lot of measures have been taken by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in women’s employment and skill development. Advanced Training Institutes conduct vocational training for girls and women. Skill is the most important bridge that can fill the gap between candidates and employment. Vocational training and education are important to improve rural incomes and productivity. Women are more likely to work as subsistence farmers, leading family members, seasonal laborers, or micro entrepreneurs at home, along with managing their
domestic responsibilities. Skill development can boost employability, household productivity, and become an added source of income for women. This article is aimed to focus on the challenges for women empowerment and solutions that can help women to contribute to the nation's development and become self-reliant in their lives.




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