Role of Authentic Transformational Leadership for Managerial Excellence and Sustainability


  • Krishna Murari
  • Ujjal Mukherjee


leadership, leadership styles, authentic transformational leadership, managerial excellence, sustainability, organizational excellence, competitive advantage


Aim: The study brings out the role of Authentic Transformational Leadership style and suggests that this form of leadership style is more appropriate in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment to create managerial excellence. A theoretical framework has been developed to specify the key variables and interrelationship among the variables based on the researches on Authentic Transformational Leadership, Managerial Excellence and Sustainability.
Methodology: Literature review has been carried out to identify the characteristics of leadership necessary for managerial excellence and sustainability, comparison of these characteristics with those of Authentic Transformational leadership. Also, the necessity of managerial excellence and sustainability for business excellence is explored.
Results:The study provides justification for adopting authentic transformational leadership style for managerial excellence and sustainability for business excellence. It highlights that “clear vision, building trust, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration, self-awareness, transparency; organisational building, congruent on values, wisdom and knowledge” are the characteristics of an authentic transformational leadership. These bring managerial excellence in managers and sustainability, leading to organizational excellence, effectiveness, job satisfaction and extra efforts by the employees. The study also provides a theoretical framework for further research on the subject. Authentic transformational Leadership, Managerial excellence and sustainability. Also, it provides “interrelationship between managerial excellence & sustainability and organizational excellence for competitive advantage”. The practical implication of study is to provide important factors for developing authentic transformational leadership and managerial excellence with sustainability.




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