Impact of covid-19 on intolerance of uncertainty and safety behaviour


  • Vigraanth Bapu K G
  • Kiran Babu N C


Impact of event, Uncertainty, Safety behaviour, COVID-19


The current study is an attempt to understand the Impact of COVID-19 on the individual’s engagement in safety behaviour and the role played by the perception and intolerance of Uncertainty. A correlation research design with quantitative approach was adopted. The data for the study was collected nationwide using a convenient sampling technique through Google Forms. The tools utilized in this study are Impact of Event – Revised, Intolerance of Uncertainty, and Safety Behaviour Assessment Form. The participants were 280 professionals comprising males and females selected from various geographical areas of India. The results of the current study suggest that there is a moderate positive relationship among Intolerance of Uncertainty, Impact of the Event, and engagement in Safety Behaviours. The step wise regression analysis suggests that the influence of Impact of Event on Safety Behaviour gets
affected upon the introduction on Intolerance of Uncertainty.




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