The Impact of using Facebook on family silence: case study for families of city of Ha'il


  • Mohammed EL Nadir Abdallah Tani
  • Jazaa Farhan AL Shammari
  • Arif Juma Biro Trouk
  • Nassredine Cheikh Bouhenni


The effect, uses, gratification, Facebook, Ha'il city


The goal of current research to identify the impact of new media and applications on the family Mutes in Hail, addressed the researcher Yen Effect of Using Facebook Facebook on the family silence, and the researcher in this axis will also be exposed to the effects of using Facebook on the family silence. This site was chosen based on its popularity and observation, as we find it one of the most important social networking sites, which is the most used site in the world, as it allows its users the opportunity to get acquainted and communicate, as well as allowing them to present themselves with great freedom, and in more than one way, and we find that it has become an indirect compensatory and only outlet. In social life, the Saudi society is considered one of the societies that is known to have a wide spread in contacting this social networking site. Because every technological progress has advantages and disadvantages, to the extent that it has provided individuals with facilities and services, but in return, thanks to his dazzling temptations, he made the individual be dragged behind him and plunged into his own world and navigated through his desires and inclinations ,and this is what gradually led to the change of the concept of the family. The change in communication between its members was evident through the change in the methods of interaction between family members and with the tangible increase in
the use of this site from various groups, so we find, for example, family members who also have a percentage of the increase in the use of Facebook ,for this site has a wide and great position in the use of family members




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Mohammed EL Nadir Abdallah Tani, Jazaa Farhan AL Shammari, Arif Juma Biro Trouk, & Nassredine Cheikh Bouhenni. (2023). The Impact of using Facebook on family silence: case study for families of city of Ha’il. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 2453–2484. Retrieved from




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