Effectiveness of campus FM radios in promotion of education and awareness in Pakistan


  • Dr. Muhammad Umair Chaudhary
  • Dr. Abdul Ghani
  • Robina Saeed
  • Muhammad Kamran Khan
  • Afifa Tanveer


Campus Radio, Education, Awareness


The present study examines the effectiveness of campus FM radios in the promotion of education and mass awareness. Due to its affordability and easy access, radio is a very popular mode of communication in Pakistan and is commonly used by the masses for entertainment and education purposes. Other than conventional radio, many commercial and non-commercial FM radios are operational in Pakistan. Beside these FM radios, Campus based FM radios are also efficiently working in different educational institutes for promotion of knowledge, education and mass awareness. For this study, survey methodology is used to measure the effectiveness of Campus radios in promotion of education. The survey results show that Campus radio is a very useful and effective tool for promotion of education, knowledge and awareness among student community. However, study recommends the establishment of more campus FM radios in public and private sector institutions to educate the masses throughout the country.




How to Cite

Dr. Muhammad Umair Chaudhary, Dr. Abdul Ghani, Robina Saeed, Muhammad Kamran Khan, & Afifa Tanveer. (2023). Effectiveness of campus FM radios in promotion of education and awareness in Pakistan. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 2320–2328. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/4461




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