Challenges of Defining and Revitalizing/ Reawakening of Islamic Civilization in Contemporary Era


  • Dr. Muhammad Shahid Habib
  • Dr. Saeed Ahmed
  • Dr. Prof. Dr. Arshad MunirLaghari
  • Muhammad MubashirSaleem


Civilizational studies, Islamic Civilization, Reawakening, Muslim Society and ContemporaryEra


Islamic Civilization is acknowledged for its distinguished characteristics in civilizational studies and it secures these unique dynamics due to its fundamental principles. Although it has been area of interest among the eminent intellects of the East and the West, but most often it is evaluated in the opposition to the Western Civilization under ‘us versus them’ framework. This approach must lead to selective perception of the ‘Other’. Essentially, Islamic Civilization possess its own unpretentious aspects which are obtained from its foundations; Quran and Sunnah. With reference to modern era, there is an utmost need to rejuvenate Islamic Civilizational studies from its own standpoint without considering the Western ‘Other’ as Islamic Ummah is undergoing from crisis of distortion of knowledge and misleading inpetretation of tradition by both external and internal conflict narratives. So this era is calling for revitalization and reawakening of Islamic Civilization to make it in conformity with its basics. Thus it would be in a position to regain its glory and honor that it has lost. This paper aims to highlight, in comparative analytical approach, the need to evaluate Islamic Civilization according to its own principles set by Quran and Sunnah to reawaken Muslim Society.




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Dr. Muhammad Shahid Habib, Dr. Saeed Ahmed, Dr. Prof. Dr. Arshad MunirLaghari, & Muhammad MubashirSaleem. (2023). Challenges of Defining and Revitalizing/ Reawakening of Islamic Civilization in Contemporary Era. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 2260–2267. Retrieved from




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