A Psychological Reflection on Virtual Learning: An Exploratory Study


  • Puja Sorong
  • Sandip Sutradhar


Virtual Learning, Emotional Engagement, Positive Emotion, Learning Environment, perception.


The virtual education is being used as an educational platform for imparting education to students since several years. In this paper the researcher has tried to provide a psychological perspective of students in virtual education. This paper has tried to analyze the perceptions of secondary school learners with regard to emotional aspects in virtual learning by using an exploratory research method. As positive and negative emotions influence in teaching learning process, so learner’s perception involved in it must be appraised as a way to determine the effectiveness of this trending virtual learning method, as long as it is crucial in the academic particulars. So, this study plans to assess the students’ perceptions on emotional aspects when a virtual platform is used for learning purpose. In the study, it has been found that maximum of students feel the importance of emotional well being, emotional support, emotional security and self-regulated learning in virtual learning. On the other hands some students have responded that they feel emotionally insecure and isolated in virtual learning platform. The overall result of the study signifies that certain problems exist on the online learning including the emotional problems should be resolved by adopting different principles by the facilitators




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