Role of Ethics and Ethical steps in Sustaining the Business: An Ethical Enquiry


  • Purnima Lenka
  • Dr. Sarita Kar


Ethics, Business, Sustainability, organisation


Business is one of the basic social activities necessary for the maintenance and growth of the collective body. No doubt business has brought immeasurable wealth and prosperity. But a few decades ago it has been notice that; degradation of moral values in business makes employees unethical. This is mainly because of their motive to get more and more profit and it will push them to perform untrustworthy activity. This kind of mind set makes them mischief towards societal values and morality. This paper will mainly focus on how benefit parts have started to corrupt qualities in the longing to profit and high rivalry situations. It too predicts that the roots of trust, loyalty, and understanding have begun to tremble and there is a need for some kind of ethical steps which will help to sustain
the organisation. This paper is reasonably useful for society as caring, sharing and involvement of affection and trust among the purchaser and merchants will absolutely accommodating to maintain esteems, morals and ethical qualities. This paper mostly deals with the two questions. Firstly it discusses the role of ethics in business? Secondly how ethics will helps to sustain business?




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