Security in Cloud Computing using Homomorphic Cryptography


  • Savita A Harkude
  • Dr. G N Kodanda Ramaiah


Cloud Computing, Homomorphic Cryptography, DynamoDB of AWS


Cloud computing is very wide phenomenon in computer science. Users will be permitted to store great deal of knowledge based on storage in cloud. The varied issues of security associated with confidentiality, privacy, data security, authentication and integrity must be taken care. The cloud service provider mostly will store information in format of plain text and a particular user’s encryption algorithm can be used to secure data. The decryption of information will be carried out. The paper presents cloud storage with encrypted format by homomorphic encryption. Storage of the information is done in DynamoDB of AWS cloud(public). User can perform all the operations and computation on data encrypted cloud(public). The required outputs can be retrieved on user’s machine when the case stands as the data on the cloud(public) is not stored in plaintext




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