Experimental Organization of the Core Thermal Impacts and Development of Experience Skills of Society Work for Vietnam Students


  • Dr. Nguyen Huu Long


experiments, measures, practical skills, social work, influence, Students, Vietnam


Research results of experimental measures of psychological impact to improve practical skills for college students of social work in Vietnam show that the measures put into experiments bring high results. The difference was marked between the two groups (control group and experimental group).Therefore, this measure can be included in the student training program of social work. This job shows
that the training program is characteristic of the science of social work, both a science and a profession. The research was carried out on 02 groups of students with 30 students and ensured the scientific, objectivity of experimental research principles. The difference between the two groups and between the two measurements is a testament to the results of the experimentally, scientifically and objectively organized. The average gain moves from 0.02 to 0.4 and the standard deviation is both greater than 0.1. In both groups (control and experiment) there was a change in score. However, with the experimental group, the change scores showed clearly and there was a bigger difference. This demonstrates the difference between the control groups and the experimental groups. Combining with the interview method also gave similar results. The subjects participating in the study all assessed that the practical skills of the social work of the experimental group had changed. The results of observing experimental groups of subjects also showed a remarkable change of skills in communication and approaching clients. In other words, if educational institutions and training institutions in the social work sector build and put into training programs in subjects related to practical skills, it will help students who major in social work have knowledge, vocational skills and even higher professional practice skills.




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