Homeschooling: An Educational option at UAE after the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Nafla Mahdi Al Ahbabi


COVID-19, Homeschooling, Online learning, Parents, UAE


The pandemic of the COVID-19 has changed today's way of learning and teaching. Education and parents have been affected by the widespread prevalence of the pandemic. Students lost their social contact because of the abrupt closing of classrooms that are important for better grooming and learning while schools have established online classes.It has become a difficult routine for all the parents who work online from home since they need to maintain the education of their children. The present research was structured
to explore the perceptions of homeschooling during the COVID-19 in the UAE to gain an insight into actual life experiences. Data from 130 parents falling under the criterion for inclusion was obtained.Because of the lockdown concern, the information was collected via the Google Docs forms concerning the COVID-19 and homeschooling. Quantitative figures found that parents were satisfied with aspects of online learning. Instead of males, female responses were high because mothers are more concerned about the education and health of children, Due to the need for time, parents show their satisfaction with online learning in the UAE. It was
noticed that the academics throughout the world during the pandemic have come forward to home learning by promising to help parents to encourage home learning.




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