COVID-19 and online learning: critical insights for academic achievement


  • Soleman Mozammel
  • Umair Ahmed
  • Nawal Shakar


Academic achievement, conceptual aspects, student-content ınteraction, e-learning components.


The current study aims to underline the concept of academic achievement and how it can be enhanced particularly during extraordinary times like COVID-19. The paper sheds light on the literature underlining students being self-efficacious to boost their academic outcomes. Drawing from this, the authors recommend that individuals can boost their academic achievement through enhancing their I.T self-efficacy to harness academic achievement during the COVID-19 period. The conceptual framework of the current study also proposes to focus on the acute role of teachers in this regard. The study proposes that teacher`s achievement goals for their students can also be instrumental in furthering students` academic achievement. Based on the literature's critical appraisal, the current study proposes and forwards the time framework for aspiring scholars in the domain to investigate across the education sector.




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