Effects of western and chinese culture and ideology on vietnam society


  • Tran Nguyet Minh Thu
  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
  • Thuy Dung Vu Thi
  • Le Ngoc Nuong


Western culture, Chinese culture, ideology, vietnam society, economy.


In the era of integration and globalization, Both Western culture and Chines culture and ideology have certain impacts on Vietnam society and economy. More and more FDIs flow from Chinese, Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe and USA enter our country, more effects from Chinese and Western ideology and culture on local society and economy. This paper will analyze both positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon, by using qualitative analysis, synthesis, inductive methods combined with historical and dialectical materialism methods. The results can be used to propose policy implications. This study can be expanded for other countries.




How to Cite

Tran Nguyet Minh Thu, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Thuy Dung Vu Thi, & Le Ngoc Nuong. (2023). Effects of western and chinese culture and ideology on vietnam society. Elementary Education Online, 20(6), 1438–1441. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/4998




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