Peeping into the past: Re-visitation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


  • Dr. Mehwish Ali Khan
  • Dr. Fahmida Manzoor
  • Dr. Mehwish Malghani


Postmodernism, Intertextuality, Hypotext, Fairy Tales, re-visitation


Fairy Tales are a genre which never fail to entertain in any age. Contemporary times have been so overwhelmed by the concept of plurality that even fa iry tales could not escape this notion. Fairytales have been re-written and presented in the present times. The recent re-visitations are a focus on postmodernism, particularly the rejection of totalitarianism and propagation of pluralism. It is observed that postmodernists took up the aspect of interconnecting different genres and texts, naming it Intertextuality and fulfilling their aim. The present project is also an attempt to observe these postmodernist aspects present in fairy tale movies. The movie selected for the purpose is Mirror Mirror (2012). It is a remake of the famous fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves recorded by famous fairy tale writers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The methodological framework is by Smith (2007). He has presented eight elements of intertextuality to examine the intertextual elements of the older fairy tales present in the contemporary literature. Mirror Mirror analyzed on these eight elements proves evident traces of postmodernity present in the movie.




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