Developmental Study on the Reliability of Basic Drawing Workbook


  • Antonieto L. Adora


Bases, input, reliability, workbook, basic drawing


A developmental study was conducted on the reliability of a developed workbook in Basic Drawing. Three experts, and faculty and students of the University of Eastern Philippines rated the workbook. Results of the study showed that the bases for the workbook were determined by the faculty handling drawing in three years in the UEP System who revealed that students have poor performance in drawing subject. From the bases, suggested inputs in the workbook included lettering, oblique drawing, isometric drawing, geometrical figures, polygon construction, ellipse drawing, orthographic drawing, one-point perspective, two-point perspective and section construction. The workbook was subjected to reliability test and the results showed that the workbook did not meet the requirements for a reliable material in all of its aspects considering that all of the values in accuracy, illustrations and presentations,
readability, time allotment, and usefulness were below the acceptable value. As such, the workbook still needed further improvement.




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