Bhawaiyya Chatka Lore As A Folk Performing Art


  • Dr. Pallabika Sarmah


Bhawaiyya Chatka, Assam, folk performing arts, songs.


Assam is an Indian state located in the north eastern part of the country, is home to a multitude of race and tribes. Assamese folk tradition gets its present mature status with contribution from these races and tribes. Assam is rich in Performing arts which is an integral part of folk tradition. Since ancient times various performing arts are widely practiced in Assam. Bhawaiyya Chatka songs are important part folk performing arts of Assam. This paper is an attempt to introduce Bhawaiyya Chatka to the world regarding its history, place of performance, style of presentation, costume of performer and different folk instrument used during performance. This paper is based on analytical a area based study of Bhawaiyya Chatka. The aim of this paper is to introduce Bhawaiyya Chatka which is an excellent folk performing arts of Assam




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