A Study of Religious Education and Ethical Behavior of University Students


  • Dr. Ayesha Batool
  • Dr.Saghir Ahmad Ch
  • Dr.Bibi Asia Naz
  • Dr. Noor Muhammad


Education, moral creativity, character building, students


Education is a moral creativity. Character building of students is the pivotal goal of education all over the world. It has ever been a hot issue either religion should be included the syllabi or secular values are enough for the moral behavior of students. A study was conducted to find the effect of religious education on the moral behavior of students. The researchers used survey method and developed a questionnaire. Its validity and reliability were determined statistically. Frequencies, percentages, means, SD and independent sample t-test applied to find out differences of perceptions of male and female students about ethical behavior of the student to analyze the data. Religious education has also significant positive effect on the moral behavior of students because the students who did not take religious education as subject showed the least moral behavior. The students from department of Islamic
education showed the significant difference of moral behavior then the students of department of business education. It is concluded that religious education affects the moral behavior of the students.




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Dr. Ayesha Batool, Dr.Saghir Ahmad Ch, Dr.Bibi Asia Naz, & Dr. Noor Muhammad. (2023). A Study of Religious Education and Ethical Behavior of University Students. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 944–950. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/5227




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