Impact of communication management on megaproject


  • Ahmed Mohamed


Mega project, Stakeholder, Communication


Background-Mis communication between stakeholder in Mega project has side effects not only on the project cost and time, but also on the government economic. Mega projects are decreasing the unemployment by providing thousands of works. However, coordination between extensive mount of worker is a pandemic for both developing and developed countries.
Purpose- Enterprise communication platform to share knowledge between different construction departments. The purpose of this study is to support site Engineer by all the information to make decision or to execute specific task in ideal time and without extra cost.
Methods- Based on recent literature review, a proposal is derived to compromise between stakeholder self-interested and company interested by gathering the usage of existing communication tools, old experience and youth power in servicing the company goals. Qualitative data were collected to investigate the communication methods between construction departments and to judge the constrains of sharing an information between the stakeholder whether it is personal behavior or accidental mistake. The model was tested by mathematic method by experts’ judgment on communication criterial and methods in Riyadh Metro Project.
Findings-The morality of cooperation between different stakeholders is increased as each worker effort is recognizable. Reducing time and saving cost in communication are noticeable. The availability for project information whether the stakeholder present or absent.
Conclusion_ This study definitely answers the question regarding correlation between saving time and cost to communication methods. Further studies are needed to establish causal relationship between organizations and countries in a sharing method for ideal use for the resources.




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