Edutainment software’s as eLearning mechanism for adults


  • Ibtisam L F H Almutairi
  • Faisal L F H Almutairi
  • Bodoor F Alazemi


Edutainment; software; games; education; learning; entertaining


This paper has thrown light on benefits and features related to edutainment software which it is gradually becoming the part of a learning process. It has been demonstrated in past research studies that outcomes of learning, obtained because of using edutainment software looks promising. It has been suggested in the article that new generation is moving towards the use of educational games that are highly inclusive in nature. Edutainment software is an effective tool that can be used by teachers and students to develop increased collaboration with each other and it is becoming the prime source of facilitating the process of learning to considerable level. The aim the paper is to investigate “how effective are edutainment software as eLearning mechanism for adults”. To support the argument, the historical values, advantages, and disadvantages has been be discussed. In the second half of
the paper, there is a description on how the digital games are helping us in learning, the comprehensive analysis describe
who are the users of Edutainment software, why they use the edutainment software, and by using which tools the software is utilized. To conclude, the edutainment software is an effective alternative of the traditional way of learning. Adult learners find their learning to be interesting and affective with the help of edutainment software. It can further be improved with the help of necessary amendments and cost effectiveness




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Ibtisam L F H Almutairi, Faisal L F H Almutairi, & Bodoor F Alazemi. (2023). Edutainment software’s as eLearning mechanism for adults. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 763–768. Retrieved from




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