Impact of Environmental Journalism on Social Media towards Millennials’ Behaviour Change


  • Siswantini
  • Lila Nathania
  • Virienia Puspita
  • Arsiyanti Lestari
  • Mario Nugroho Willyarto
  • Abdul Rahim Ridzuan


environmental message, social media, millennials, behavioural change


Environmental issue has gained its popularity during these past years. As our society moves towards advancement, humanity faces more and more environmental problem. Awareness of this problem raises discussion and analysis from experts, researchers, journalist, and everyone around the world. Most of the time this issue is talked about on social media. This digital era has made people, especially millennials, rely heavily on social media to look for information. Organization, government, corporation, and individuals use this platform to speak up about this issue. Regarding this new pattern of information-seeking in social media, this article explains the impact of environmental messages on social media towards millennial’s behaviour change. By using explanatory sequential mixed method we will provide quantitative data from millennials in Jakarta, Malang and Malaysia. The data shows that social media is a strong platform that can be used to spread messages about climate change. Unfortunately, although the frequency of
accessing environmental issue can hovering the likeliness of participation on climate change issues but it’s not enough to change their behavior.




How to Cite

Siswantini, Lila Nathania, Virienia Puspita, Arsiyanti Lestari, Mario Nugroho Willyarto, & Abdul Rahim Ridzuan. (2023). Impact of Environmental Journalism on Social Media towards Millennials’ Behaviour Change. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 364–370. Retrieved from




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