Sustainable Education Development in Indonesia: Is Education Ready for Online Learning?


  • Mario Nugroho Willyarto
  • Arsiyanti Lestari
  • Siswantini
  • Virienia Puspita


online learning, COVID-19, lecturers, teachers, students.


During COVID-19 pandemic, all learning teaching process were conducted from home using online learning. This research discussed how students and teachers/lecturers’ experience could build a meaningful online learning process. The method used was interpretative qualitative approach. Three teachers/lecturers and two students were interviewed This study was focusing on whether the ‘forced’ online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, could give benefits for teaching learning process by teachers/lecturers to students. A bigger question was about to be answered: Is Education Ready for Online Learning? The result showed there were a lot of things must be prepared to conduct Online Learning. Even tough education was not ready yet, Online Learning must be conducted during this COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate the learning process. The conclusionwasthatallparties(lecturers/teachers/students/parents /institutions/government) must improve their knowledge, skills and attitude toward the new system, provide adequate infrastructures, regulations and curriculum in order to run Online Learning well.




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Mario Nugroho Willyarto, Arsiyanti Lestari, Siswantini, & Virienia Puspita. (2023). Sustainable Education Development in Indonesia: Is Education Ready for Online Learning?. Elementary Education Online, 20(4), 350–357. Retrieved from




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