Educational thought in the Holy Quran An Analytical Study


  • Dr. Rakan Issa Al-Adwan
  • Dr. Muhammad Abu Griban
  • Ibrahim Mahmoud Nahar


Islamic educational thought, Semantic , Moral Values, Comprehensive reform


The research aims to deal with educational thought in the Holy Qur’an through four parts , the first part addressed the Semantic and legal texts that enhance thought value which indicated that the semantic in education concerns the child, and includes several aspects of person caring in comprehensive education concept in terms of his education.. The second Part handled the salient aspects of Islamic educational thought which indicated that Islamic educational thought focused on, and gave care and concern is the mental aspect of man, and has paid attention to the mind and granted it a high rank in all its speeches and rulings. The third part argued that it is a thought that promotes moral values since Educational thought in Islam enhances moral values, in particular during actions related to properties and human interests .The fourth part indicated that Islamic though is seeking lofty goal and comprehensive reform.since
the advantage of Islamic thought and its splendor appears in the lofty of its goal, which is reflected in securing man from
delusion swamps , ignorance and backwardness..




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