Customized Wheelchair Navigation System


  • Dr. P. Malathy
  • P. Parameswaran
  • Dr. S. Lakshmi


Wheel chair, ultrasonic sensor, X- Bee Pro, microcontroller.


In India, the amount of disabled persons is growing per annum. For persons with disability, special developed aids for mobility are helpful for moving and a substitute for walking particularly within the inside and outside environment also. Wheelchairs and stretchers are generally employed medical equipment for hauling. Especially when a sick person has to shift between beds and wheel chairs, the aiding person will suffers lot due to over-weight, larger height, etc. Realizing the wide-ranging problems within the moving gears and establishing a new design is going to be a benefit for the medical industry for persons with disability. The requirement for a wheelchair
based stretcher to help the persons with disability to move and also to supply novel gear to be used within the hospitals and houses. The numbers of persons with disability are rising by various sorts of mishaps are monitored. With subsequent studies, the benefit of requirement for wheelchair associated stretcher was permitted for the Indian hospitals. The currently employed wheelchair based stretcher isn't sufficient to satisfy the patients or old age people’s requirement. Hence, we prefer a stretcher which could be operated with the help of electric current and also capable of transforming itself between a wheel chair to stretcher and vise-versa.




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