Methodological fundamentals of humanization of chemistry teaching in teachers’ training universities


  • ArailymZh. Utemissova
  • Yulia Yu. Gavronskaya
  • ZulfiyaO. Unerbayeva
  • ZhenisA. Shokybayev


humanization of education, humanitarization of teaching, chemistry teaching, education technologies, interactive teaching


The research is aimed at scientific substantiation of such methods for teaching the chemical disciplines that ensure the chemistry knowledge and skills and they will favor the formation of professional competences of the future chemistry teacher, his/her proactive approach to life. As the theoretical basis, the humanization methodology, namely, humanitarian, competency-based and environmental approaches, is used. By a comparison and grouping method, the research analyzed a series of essays made by 324 students of from 17-20 years. It was detected that among the students, during teaching of whom, the methods, which are based on the humanization methodology, were used, 90.63% reached a “sufficient” level, showing the results in mastering the content as well as
in application of the received knowledge to the chemistry teacher profession, in a value-based attitude to the received education, the professional self-development, while in the control group only 40.76 % reached the same results. The chemistry teaching humanization is considered through the priority of humanistic values in organizing the teaching and implementing the methods turned to the student personality. The authors described four groups of the chemistry teaching methods, which are based on the humanization methodology: methods for creating a positive motivation, methods for organizing the interactive educational cognitive and practical activities of the student, reflective-estimating methods, methods for developing the personal educational environment of the teaching.




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