Relationship of Culture and Language: An Edge Headed for Cultural Diversity


  • Sumera Baby
  • Arifa Noreen
  • Uzma Afzal,


culture, language, identity, society, film, media


Cultural norms and values are the existing reality of every nation; sometimes inhabitants shove off and decamp from the aforesaid norms, tenets and values. Resultantly, person loses his identity. This study is a commentary of those in the society who mislaid their identity on irrecoverable level for showiness. They have embraced culture of other societies via language. Purpose of this research is to evaluate social media stuff to show the reflection of cultural reality in films. How language is integrated with a culture and how culture of other countries penetrates into the soul of related person who learns language and how language changes the culture of related
person who learns foreign languages. This research uses mixed methods approach to collect data through questionnaire and interview. Movie link was sent to the participants to watch movie and later on with two days gap an interview session was conducted among participants who watched movie, after that a questionnaire was distributed among the same participants, one phase of questionnaire was consist of general questions about integration of culture and language and second phase was consist of questions about film. Population was selected randomly from 21 to 40 years old people. In this regard a Hindi film English Vinglish was selected to analyze, this movie was analyzed on social and linguistic level. No theoretical framework was applied for this research. Contrarily,
some real data accordance with content of movie was collected through questionnaires. There was comparative analysis of content of movie and of real data collection through people of society. Findings of this study show that media is the reflection of society in many cases, media shows the behavior of people of society, their ways and their inclination, heroin of movie tries to learn English to get affection and attention of her family, her family including her daughter and her husband, they regard Shashi, an insult in society for them, even impact of other language culture is the source of losing identities and losing blood relation that mother can get respect and can be with high status, if she learns English. Moreover, findings of this study show that culture is penetrating in the veins of society by accepting the impact of western countries living style as well.




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