A Study On Employee Welfare Measures With Reference To Kawman Pharma Private Limited


  • Dr.P.Venkatesh
  • Maanasa Devi.S
  • Mr.Y. Thiyagarajan
  • Dr. Arhan Sthapit


Welfare, Production, Management, Company, Labour, etc.


An employee has an important role in the industrial production of the company. The personnel management really concern with the management of the people at work management is an art of getting work done by the people. Therefore, it is very necessary to seek the co-operation of the employees force to increase the production and to earn higher profits. The Co-operation of employees is possible only when they are fully satisfied with their employer and the working conditions of the job. In order to seek the Co-Operation of the employees, provision of better conditions of work like suitable temperature, adequate lighting and in general a pleasant atmosphere is very necessary to get them to realize that the management thinks of their welfare. Such welfare activities benefit not only the workers but also the management to increase the productive efficiency. Today progressive managers realize that these welfare facilities pay a good divided in the long run, in which they contribute in a large degree towards the health and efficiency of the workers and towards a high morale. Labor welfare defined as efforts to make life worth living for workmen. Labor welfare entails all those activities of employer which are directed towards providing the employees with certain facilities and services in addition to wages or salaries.




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Dr.P.Venkatesh, Maanasa Devi.S, Mr.Y. Thiyagarajan, & Dr. Arhan Sthapit. (2023). A Study On Employee Welfare Measures With Reference To Kawman Pharma Private Limited. Elementary Education Online, 19(3), 4701–4714. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/6662




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