V.Shine Magazine: A Stylistic Analysis on Compositional and Linguistic Level


  • Husnat Ahmed Tabassam
  • Sumera Baby


Magazine, compositional, linguistic, content, cover page


Magazines are the origin of disport and proficiency from decennium; primarily embarked on 1789. This is a research on V.shine kids magazines and uses Leech and Short’s framework (2007) of stylistic analysis on linguistic level to encompass figure of speech, syntactical configuration and morphological shoreline and Linda Mcloughlin (2002) theoretical frame on compositional level. Interconnected topic unzipped magazine from all perspective; how cover page is starting point of magnetism for the reader, how content of the magazine committed to diversification for bibliophile. The study also discussed concerning material like cover page, content page, columns, poetry, fictions, caption, chromaticity, tint and layout of V.shine magazine. This research has manipulated
methodology on both quantitative and qualitative level. Systematic random sampling of different items from V.shine magazine was effectuated to propound a stylistic analysis of kids literary language, through non-probability systematic random sampling text was selected from V.shine magazine November 2018, volume 8, issue: 11 and V.shine magazine March 2019, volume 9 issue: 3 and for compositional stylistic analysis both magazines were extracted to reconsider design, lay out and cover pages. Research findings indicated that magazines in history were not much inviting. V. shine magazines dominance with entire properties of proficiency and distraction with multipurpose items on linguistic and compositional levels is trustworthy; notwithstanding supplementary periodicals behavior with one theme and approach that is monotonous.




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Husnat Ahmed Tabassam, & Sumera Baby. (2023). V.Shine Magazine: A Stylistic Analysis on Compositional and Linguistic Level. Elementary Education Online, 19(3), 2444–2462. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/6953




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