Endangered Punjabi Dialects and communicative constraints: An Alarming Situation for Punjab's Identity


  • Hafsa Yasin
  • Sumera Baby
  • Hannan Khan Tareen
  • Dr. Manan Khan Tareen


Endangered dialect; Punjabi; Linguistics status


This analysis aims to examine the status of Punjabi regional language within the province of Punjab.
Traditional mode of communication in Punjab is Punjabi language, any region can be recognized by the culture and
language, although in Pakistan, media and official language is national. The Punjabi linguistic community is massive in
numbers within the country for its majority placed in the province of Punjab. Being the language of the bulk, the Punjabi
language becomes restricted and finds a mere touch in articulation within the lives of its native speakers. The data was
collected from 150 (both male and female) participants through interviews and questionnaires from the native
speakers of Punjabi to observe the preferences towards speaking Punjabi. The findings show that the participants have
confusions and lacking the sense of protecting the dying status that the Punjabi Language is facing nowadays. They are
positive to speak it in social gatherings but they are reluctant to speak it in public places i.e. markets, schools, colleges
etc. The young generation of Pakistan is less prone towards maintaining Punjabi language and there will be a day when
Punjabi will be an endangered language in Pakistan. This study suggests that people of Punjab should never forget their
identity; Punjabi communication is identity of people of Punjab. It should be evaluated to create New Providence to
save Punjabi accent. Media should confer acknowledgement; there should be some seminars and debates in this regard.




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Hafsa Yasin, Sumera Baby, Hannan Khan Tareen, & Dr. Manan Khan Tareen. (2023). Endangered Punjabi Dialects and communicative constraints: An Alarming Situation for Punjab’s Identity. Elementary Education Online, 19(3), 2756–2764. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/7113




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