Thermoelectric Cooler-Supported Water Condensation System Development Method


  • Gaurav Rastogi


Thermoelectric cooler, Atmospheric moisture


The scarcity of rainfall in many countries, including India, makes it difficult to get water resources for irrigation or other applications, particularly in arid regions like deserts, etc.The problem of water scarcity is also present throughout the world as a result of insufficient rainfall. However, in really humid places, such those close to the sea, we can condense the water vapor in the air. This paper describes the process of developing a water condensation system supported by a thermoelectric cooler. The heat exchanger, air circulator, and cooling components make up the system. The device that can directly convert atmospheric moisture into usable, even drinkable water is called the air Water Generator. This gadget turns water vapour molecules into water droplets by using the latent heat concept. Although it has been introduced a little before, India and some other nations do not use it very frequently. In our technological age, when we are all relying on renewable resources, it has a lot of applications. This essay also discusses the outcomes of the experiment and the functionality of the system.




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