A Science Of A New Frontier In Literature: A Glimse Of Cyborg Through Illum




Everyone aspires to live a long life. Everybody's ultimate desire is to live a long life free from physical limitations. It was simply a dream before. However, given the current state of scientific study and medical advancements, it is conceivable. The new frontier in science is the cyborg (cybernetic organism). We will be able to implant devices within our bodies to replace or repair injured body parts thanks to this cyborg study. In addition to being a novel concept in science, the cyborg also adds a fresh creative element to literature. Science fiction is currently embracing the cyborg genre. This study investigates the actions of cyborgs in the present and the future. An illustration of the latest advancements in cyborg research and accomplishments explains the current development. The science fiction novel Ilium by Dan Simmons, which foretells the future of humanity with the influence of cyborgs, provides an explanation for the future events. It is a startling, exciting, and unexpected prophecy about the human race.




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