Up And Aging: A Critical Study Of Ageism And Resilience In Pixar’s Up


  • Seharish Javed


A person cannot be and should be judged in terms of race, colour, sex, ethnicity or even age. All these stereotypes not only pose a challenge to the overall development of the society but also leave a deep psychological impact on those who experience it. Until recently, age was not being studied as a stereotype in literature or in any other field as such. The term Ageism attracted the attention of anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists as well as literary critics. And thus began the study of a new kind of 'ism' in literature that we now know as Ageism. The term not only studies how age based stereotypes is reflected in literature but also explores the challenging of such stereotypes. The paper attempts to study Ageism in the animated movie Up produced by Pixar Animated Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story revolves around an aged man Carl Frederickson, his dreams, his encounter with a young boy Russell and tgeir adventures together.




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