Green Marketing Strategies And Consumer Perception: A Comparative Analysis


  • Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghritlahre , Ravindra Baghel


This study compares and contrasts the effects of green marketing tactics on customer perception in various sectors. Businesses are using green marketing strategies to promote eco-friendly goods and services in response to rising customer awareness of environmental issues. A synopsis of the study's aims, methods, important results, and consequences are included in the abstract. To start, the abstract emphasises how important green marketing is for solving environmental problems and satisfying customer demand for eco-friendly goods. It stresses how important it is for companies to learn how diverse green marketing tactics affect customer perception across different sectors.


This research takes a comparative approach to studying green marketing and customer perception in several industries, such as the fashion, automotive, electronics, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. To get a better idea of how people in each sector feel about eco-friendly goods and businesses, we sent out questionnaires to see what they thought. In addition, the summary summarises the study's main points, which include: how CSR actions affect brand perception; customer attitudes towards eco-friendly goods; and the efficacy of various green marketing techniques. The intricacies of green marketing strategies in many industries are illuminated by the comparison analysis, which uncovers industry-specific trends and customer preferences.


The study's ramifications for companies and lawmakers are discussed in the abstract's last section, with an emphasis on the significance of coordinating green marketing initiatives with customer tastes and market trends. Businesses must take genuine and open steps towards sustainability if they want their green efforts to connect with customers and help achieve their long-term objectives. In sum, the study sheds light on how green marketing approaches influence customer perception and sustainable consumption habits across sectors, and it gives companies practical advice on how to improve their environmental responsibility and reputation.




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