An Outline Of Flood Hazard In Amta-Ii Block Of Haora District, West Bengal


  • Prof. Jishu sheel


Flood is the most common natural disaster on the lower Damodar basin of west Bengal. Every year Damodar basin area is affected by this quasi-natural disaster. The steady siltation which has reduced the water bearing capacity of the river and the failure to implement the lower Damodar channel development scheme are the main reasons why floods take place. Damodar basin specially the lower Damodar basin area is one of most floods affected geographical region of west Bengal. The people of this lower Damodar basin area are suffering seriously from this hazard almost every year. Damodar Valley Corporation was established in 1948 to reduce flood in this area. Some other steps have also been taken to reduce flood hazards. But flood is still a serious problem for this region. My study area is Amta II block which is situated to the north western part of Haora District. It is one of the most affected blocks of the district.  Damodar River flows through the middle portion of the stated study area. The present study concerns about the causes, affected area, prone area, damage assessment, remedial measures of flood in Amta-II Block of Haora District.




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