Sociological View On Readability Phenomenon Within The Students’ Community And Its Impact On Human Development Empirical Field Study


  • Dr. Nawel Kaissar , Dr. Hayet Benarous


The development issue is considered one of the most important topics that sociology is concerned about because of its importance in individuals life and society. Development fields and their types vary; there are social development, economic development, human development and others local ones. And what concerns us in this study is human development with its aspirations of living a relatively long and healthy life while obtaining the necessary resources for an adequate standard of living, as well as having access to knowledge and learning.

  Of course, talking about knowledge and learning leads us to raise the problematic of reading or documenting that we linked to human development in general and cultural development in particular. Talking about cultural development cannot be achieved in the absence of its conditions and the lack of an appropriate atmosphere for it, as cultural development cannot be achieved within of a society that does not read, a society that interrupts reading and abstains from it because culture can only be obtained with knowledge, and knowledge can only be obtained through reading and learning.

  Therefore, so there is an existing relationship between these foundations or facts that must be taken into consideration by giving priority to the cultural dimension of development at the expense of other dimensions, especially in light of the developments experienced by Western societies, and the emergence of new concepts, such as cultural policy, cultural economy, cultural society, and cultural human being. And all of these concepts lead us as sociology researchers to focus in this study on the most important obstacles to cultural development, which is the phenomenon of reluctance to read, especially among the elite (university students), and the impact of this reluctance on the individual and Algerian society.

  The study focused on the reasons that drive the student to reading abstentions, and they varied from economic, to social, to financial, and to technological reasons, and then the study tried to provide mechanisms to promote reading for the student and the pupil who will be the citizen of tomorrow and who contributes to building a developed society aware of its aware of its reality and the preservation of its identity, a conscious society that can see itself and the surrounding world.




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