Political Activism In Algeria In The Late 19th Century (1863 - 1900 Ad)


  • Dr. Loucif Moussa , Maameche Hidayet


French policy in Algeria since the beginning of the occupation has been characterised by complexity and diversity, oscillating between the use of force at times and leniency and attempts at polarisation at others. In between, the colonial administration sought to enact laws and regulations to subordinate the natives to its authority.

With the failure of the last popular resistance movements at the end of the 19th century, Algerians were faced with the inevitability of changing the pattern of resistance, so they adopted political struggle as a means of confrontation. Petitions, complaints and reports became the platform on which Algerians expressed their rejection of the occupation.

What were the main laws and regulations issued by the occupying authorities? What were their aims? And how were the Algerian reactions to these laws represented?




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