Attitudes towards Psychological Help-Seeking among Preservice Primary School Teachers1


  • Eda Çürükvelioğlu Köksal


Attitudes of Psychological Help-Seeking, Gender, Preservice Primary School Teachers


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of gender, grade, and previous psychological help experience on attitudes towards psychological help seeking among preservice primary school teachers. Additionally, the knowledge of participants about university counseling center was examined. Participants were consisted of 147 (110 female, 37 male) undergraduate students from one of the state universities in Turkey. Personal information form and Attitudes towards Seeking Psychological Help Scale- Shortened (ASPH-S) were used as data collection instruments. In order to analyze the data, descriptive statistics, and one way analysis of variance were performed. Findings indicated that gender and grade had a significant effect on attitudes towards help-seeking whereas the effect of previous help-seeking experience did not differ significantly. Regarding the effect of gender, it was seen that females showed more positive attitudes than males. Also, most of the participants (91.2%) indicated that they did not have knowledge about university counseling center 




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