Opinions of Secondary School Students, Teachers and Parents About Coding


  • Pınar Mıhcı Türker
  • Ferhat Kadir Pala


Coding, Coding in Secondary School, Opinions for Coding


In this study, it was aimed to determine the opinions of the 5th and 6th grade students, Information Technologies and Software course teachers and students' parents for coding. Surveys developed by researchers were used to gather data in this study. The study was carried out with 307 students, 13 teachers and 209 student parents. Surveys were examined by content analysis. According to the data, more than half of the students have the accurate view of what coding means. However, opinions are generally gathered in the framework of making games and moving characters. Part of the teachers who participated in the research do not see themselves as sufficient or see themselves at the basic level in coding. A large part of the parents has a missing or inaccurate view of coding.




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Pınar Mıhcı Türker, & Ferhat Kadir Pala. (2023). Opinions of Secondary School Students, Teachers and Parents About Coding. Elementary Education Online, 17(4), 2013–2029. Retrieved from https://ilkogretim-online.org/index.php/pub/article/view/927