School Principals’ Views about Changes in Supervision Perspective and Implementations


  • Kemal Kayıkçı
  • İzzet Özdemir
  • Gülnar Özyıldırım


Supervision, Evaluation, Development, Supervisor


The aim of the study was to determine the views of school administrators about the changes in educational supervision of Turkish education system in 2014. This study was designed as a survey. The population of this research included approximately 802 public school administrators. The sample of the study included 313 school administrators who were determined through stratified and random sampling methods. The data were collected by the five point Likert type scale which was developed by researchers. In analyzing the data mean, standard deviation, t-test and MANOVA were used. According to the result of the research, the administrators agreed moderately about the idea that “Supervision of teachers was not done by supervisors”. They stated that they mostly agreed about the other changes implemented on the structure and function of supervision system. They suggested that a supervision system which focuses on teacher development should be developed.




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Kemal Kayıkçı, İzzet Özdemir, & Gülnar Özyıldırım. (2023). School Principals’ Views about Changes in Supervision Perspective and Implementations. Elementary Education Online, 17(4), 2170–2187. Retrieved from