A Study On The Dress – Culture Of The TaiAhoms Of Assam


  • Mouchumi Phukan


Tai – Ahom, communities, Assamese culture, Silk cultivation, Muga, Eri, Riha


The Tai-Ahom communities are the major communities and they have great contribution to the Assamese culture. The Tai- Ahom entered the Brahmaputra valley from the East in the early part of thirteenth century .They ruled over the area for six centuries (1228-
1826) until the British gained control of the treaty of Yandabo. The Tai-Ahom people are well-known for their artistry of silk cultivation and weaving on the loom. Their artistry has added glory to the overall spectrum of the handloom designs of the region. The TaiAhom women wear mekhela-chador woven with muga, mulberry silk and other materials as well as cheleng-chador and other piece of cloth called riha. A blouse is also worn by them. Traditional attire of men folk is kurta or shirt and Dhoti that is the lower garments. In this paper, therefore, an attempt has been made to describe the different type of dresscultures of the Tai- Ahom communities of Assam and the changes in their tradition. 




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