Causes And Impact Of Poverty On The Economy Of Pakistan


  • Rizwana Faseel Hussain
  • Aziz Ahmad


Poverty define comprehensively as absence of options to shape one’s life according to one’s own preference, come closer to the concept of human development as presented in UNDP from the vantage point of the policy maker concerned with alleviation of poverty, it is crucial to know the magnitude of the existing level of poverty and identify the policy determinants of poverty as well as constraints. Standing in the way of an effective attack , on the worst form of absolute poverty. In Pakistan were much other development country poverty has emerged as a core issue on the policy agenda. The traditional measure of poverty headcount, severity and poverty gap indicated that the incidence of poverty during the previous decade have shown no sign of poverty. However there is no consensus on the poverty outcome from need to monitor poverty trend and continuously evaluate the efficiency of policies adopted by the government under the poverty reduction strategy, it is important to evolve a consensus on the use of a consistent poverty line, secures of data and data adjustment of measuring poverty. 




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