Transformation Of India: A Study Of Women’s Empowerment Through Education


  • Bilal Ahmad Shah
  • Mohd Arif Hussain Bhat


Women Empowerment, India, Transform, Education


The article entitled, “Transformation of India: A Study of Women’s Empowerment through Education” details how India can transform at the world scenario by empowering its women through education. The role which the women of this country play in every sector of Indian life has already left a deep bright imprint on thinkers and law makers of this country. The need for women empowerment and its consequences on a developing country like India and the transition from a developing country to a developed one is impossible without giving women the free will to get educated and empowered at an equal status with that of men. How education is the best way, and credible investment in women empowerment to transform India at all levels is discussed with its profound benefits to the society. The role of Government of India and the Provisions of constitution with regards to women education and empowerment has also been detailed with references from UNIFEM On women empowerment and it’s most versatile and unmatched tool of education. The article also carries an account of how the women in India are and have been playing a commendable role for long to make India one of the leading economies of the world not only in economy but also in education and research. The present scenario needs the women of India to be empowered at all levels with the tool of education to transform India and the article sums up the need 




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