Manifestations Of Myths In The Soothsayers' Rhyme


  • Asmaa Mohammed Sahib Maala


Myths and soothsayers are two sides of the same coin in pre-Islamic literature. Myths are nothing but imaginary heritage tales that peoples sanctified in ancient times. It embodies a phenomenon, disaster, or belief; these myths reflect the culture of the people in terms of customs, social values, religious rituals, and civilizational atmosphere, as for assonance in the past, it was used by soothsayers to win over the hearts of listeners and influence them rhetorically. Assonance is considered the most distinctive in ancient Arabic literature, with reservations about using it in certain situations, but recently, critics accuse him of artificiality, affectation, and loss of meaning. The myths of the soothsayers were clearly revealed in the pre-Islamic era, in poetry and prose, this research seeks to monitor the manifestations of these historical, social and religious myths, by the linguistic casting strategies of priests and priestesses.




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