Reflections On The Philosophy Of Education By The German Philosopher Immanuel Kant


  • Lakli Hanane , Amor Mohamed lamine


The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of focusing on the fields of education and teaching in Western thought, specifically through the German model represented by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant worked on this issue from his reformist perspective in Germany during an earlier intellectual setback and had the merit of correcting many educational frameworks within educational institutions. His scientific and intellectual stature at the time had a significant influence on them. His philosophical and objective approach laid the foundations for rigorous intellectual fields and philosophical methodologies, emphasising the necessary discipline that society can derive from them. Through these methodologies, society can aspire to a humane and balanced state, free from cruelty and vice, especially in terms of respecting laws and regulating individual behaviour with religious and ethical obligations. This contributes to the achievement of values and existential goals through which individuals can acquire a new pattern of life, striving for improvement within a human and balanced framework, leading to the manifestation of all good in this world as a whole, in every time and place.




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