Criteria For Selecting Medical Training For Women And Its Guidelines:


  • Dr. ASMA Djafer


The field of medicine is considered one of the worldly sciences essential for human well-being. The human body's ailments require treatment and care, and to address these issues, learning and practicing medicine is crucial. Islamic law permits both men and women to engage in the study and teaching of medicine, with certain conditions imposed on women during their education. Specific standards have been established for women to consider when choosing a medical specialization. This research aims to identify suitable medical specializations for Muslim women and those that may not be suitable. The study adopts an approach that combines description, analysis, and inference, dividing the research into two main elements: the criteria for choosing a suitable specialization and the guidelines for medical education for women. In conclusion, the selection of a medical specialization relies on two criteria: the individual criterion related to a woman's capabilities and nature and the societal criterion. A woman is allowed to study medicine if she adheres to the following conditions: religious eligibility, scientific competence, and ethical conduct.




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